At BT Skyrise “Agile” ideas are deeply ingrained and well understood, especially by our managers. Here, a programmer is a member of the team, a man, not just a resource.

What matters is teamwork, rather than blaming each other. It is the entire team that wins and loses. I understand that everyone has different needs and their own lives; that’s why we do our best to provide the best working conditions, so that you have the energy to develop your hobbies and to devote time to your family when you leave work. We care about our employees development and focus on long-term cooperation for this reason.

Our office is designed in such a way that not only ensures the most comfortable working environment for our employees, but also awakens their creativity. Contact with non-standard solutions in such an environment also aims to inspire still more non-standard solutions. Our solutions are designed to stand out, not only to function properly – we want to be copied, not to copy others.