Since you have visited this site, then you are probably interested in joining the B&T Skyrise team.

Before you start browsing job offers, we will tell you a few things about the atmosphere at B&T Skyrise. Because we believe in clear and easily understandable rules, let us explain what is most important to us:

  • Directness

    We are all on first-name terms, and the door to the Chairman of the Board is always open.

  • Perfection

    Our projects don’t just aim to meet the customer’s requirements. They have to be as good as possible. Every task that we undertake is a challenge for us, for our skills, and an opportunity to become better and better.

  • Commitment, enthusiasm and positive attitude

    We put in as much effort as we can. And sometimes more! We are looking for people who believe that we’ll definitely succeed and who will do anything to achieve it.

  • Work/life balance

    We believe that work is an opportunity for growth rather than a chore. Flexible working hours, telecommuting, etc. – not a problem for us.

  • Trust, respect and a sense of humour

    From the outset everybody contributes to the development of the project. We correct each other’s mistakes but also motivate each other to work hard.

  • Geek Factor 100%

    We are fascinated by technology, and we consider it a source of pride : )