BTS Parking

For Norwegian company, BT Signaal, we have designed a comprehensive system for car park management in compliance with the latest Smart City trends, BTS Parking. The main concept and distinguishing feature of the system is the free movement (‘free-flow’) of vehicles. In designing this solution, we utilised our customer’s experience and the current ‘best practice’ benchmarks gained through the implementation of intelligent systems of toll collection on expressways and bridges.


The Challenge

How to improve the car park management process?

Solution to the problem

First version of the car park management system for BT Signaal has been implemented after three months of work and in collaboration with our client, we have delivered follow-up versions which expand the functionality of the already operational solution. The system is based on cloud computing, which allows for easy scalability (variable adjustment of the system to the current load of the car park), as well as making it available through SaaS (software as a service), without requiring management of the client’s server infrastructure.

You won’t waste time on unnecessary activities

The key issue for our client was the free movement – ‘free-flow’ – of vehicles. What takes up precious time, yet is now completely unnecessary, thanks to the advances in technology? Raising barriers and taking parking tickets. We have eliminated these steps through the use of automatic vehicle identification devices.

Automatic detection of vehicles using LPR cameras

LPR cameras are responsible for the detection and recognition of vehicles (getting a reading of the license plate). The accuracy of the system was also verified using induction loops, infrared sensors and DSRC readers. Screens / monitors mounted in the car park can display information to drivers showing the validity of their subscription or pass, and whether or not they have the right to extend their stay in the car park.

Increase the efficiency of car park usage

The system has been designed in such a way as to automatically control the capacity of the parking lot and record each vehicle’s movements. Advanced reporting and analysis modules allow for an increase in the economic efficiency of the car park while at the same time lowering operating costs.


A fully mobile solution

BT Signaal solution works in the same way, regardless of the device on which it is used (be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer). This allows users to access the system at any time from any location with Internet access.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Free flow of vehicles
  • Self-service
  • Modern payment solutions
  • Significantly less administration
  • Lower cost of car park management
  • Increased economic efficiency
  • No need for infrastructure management (functions within the cloud)
  • Responsiveness (works on mobile devices)
  • Scalability of solutions

Applied technologies

azuresqlazuremvcangularjszurb sendgrid