Malta GIS

For Kapsch Telematics Services and Solutions (Danish branch of Austrian company Kapsch) and Maltese Key IT Group, commissioned by the Ministry of Transport in Malta, we have created a geospatial information system (GIS), which facilitates navigation and improves the flow of traffic throughout the island.

The Challenge

How to help both tourists and residents of Malta get around the island?


Solution to the problem

Utilising GIS technology and mobile devices, we created the Journey Planner application to provide reliable information about public transport on the island. Thanks to the data management system, Maltese residents can report changes and irregularities, and convenient administrative tools allow for quick updates and modifications.

Plan your trip with Journey Planner

Our solution allows you to search public transport connections, and better plan your trips. It is based on Google Maps and Google Transit technology (a search engine for transport connections). It is also integrated with the Geoportal to retrieve additional information presented on the map, such as:

  • Taxi ranks
  • Carriage stops
  • Sightseeing bus routes


All the information you need – in the blink of an eye

A system presenting such a large amount of geospatial information must be as transparent as possible, and the information contained within the system must be easy to edit. That’s why our solution has been equipped with the following features:

  • Presentation of geographic data divided into layers.
  • The ability to edit objects directly on the map, and manage computers in the facility attachments (files, photos, videos).
  • The ability to search for objects on the map
  • The measurement of distances and areas on the map

Detour. Now what?

The portal is designed to work with users who can plot changes and suggest new landmarks. Thanks to this feature, we aren’t subjected to nasty surprises like detours – information is kept up-to-date.

Plane, taxi…

The system contains a great deal of useful information on transport and ongoing road projects. Among other things, we can find:

  • Public transport links.
  • The location of bus stops, taxis, carriages…
  • Useful information for sailors: mooring space, wrecks, buoys, lighthouses.
  • Information about ongoing projects and road construction.

Applied technologies

opengis openlayers