NKK System

For NKK, a Kraków-based company, we have prepared an online sales management system, designed especially for the e-commerce industry.

The Challenge

How to streamline sales and order processing?


Solution to the problem

Using a network of distributors and various online sales platforms meant that the introduction of new products to the company’s range was extremely time-consuming and required the hiring of additional employees. To streamline the process of sales and order processing, we have developed a system which automatically integrates all commercial, shipping and accounting processes, without the need for different departments and staff to repeat the same action several times over. By integrating applications with major online sales systems (online shops, auction platforms) the entire sales management process is undertaken using our system.


Better control, lower costs

The solution also allows users to automatically retrieve the current state of inventory and facilitates the exchange of data between distributors, reducing the cost of maintaining inventory and storage services, as well as speeding up the order processing stage.

Advantages and benefits

  • Increased economic efficiency
  • Streamlining of the sales management process
  • Integration of all business processes into one system

Applied technologies

sql2012 mvcnet jquerydal21