Recycling Server

For Scandinavian company PayVend we have developed an application for Danish recycling station operators, Recycling Server. It allows them to manage the sale of recycled products at the stations, and their customers to monitor vehicle transactions.

The Challenge

How to synchronize the exchange of data between local computing units?


Solution to the problem

So far, the data from each recycling station has been stored locally, which meant the process of replacement was not only difficult, but time-consuming as well. Responding to customer expectations, we have synchronized the data from all stations, so as to be able to manage them from a central location. Now all data is synchronized in the cloud, and the solution has been made available in SaaS form.


Increased efficiency

PayVend system, The Recycling Server, includes a number of improvements and features that help to improve the efficiency of vehicle services at recycling stations. Part of the system is a device responsible for optical license plate recognition. The validation process has been automated as a result – vehicles are displayed on the handheld devices used by station employees, which record product sales. By registering on this system, the company gains control over its transactions, and has the opportunity to settle accounts on a periodic basis.

The system is also integrated with the Danish register of vehicles, so it is possible to issue invoices to customers, even if the vehicles are not recognized by the system as company property.


Developed system is divided into two parts: an administrative web application, which allows, among other things, the management of stations, customers, possessed vehicles and sales policy; and a service based on Windows Mobile and designed for station employees – allowing, among other things, the registration of transactions and the collection of fees.

Applied technologies