Ristorio Mobile System

On behalf of Ristorio, a company operating in the catering industry, we have developed a mobile system for managing the process of order fulfilment, which streamlines the work process and improves the quality of customer service.



How to improve customer service while simultaneously reducing the amount of time and money spent fulfilling orders?

The solution

In order to streamline the customer service process in restaurants, on behalf of Ristorio and utilising experience in the restaurant industry, we have developed a system that streamlines the flow of information between the waiter, the kitchen and the bar. This solution is based on cloud computing and allows users to automate order processing using mobile devices. With this application, the waiters can add orders for the selected table by navigating through the menu, and the current status is shown on panels in the kitchen and bar, where preparation of the order takes place. After serving the meal, the waiter marks the items as served and closes the order, or adds more items, and the status is updated on a regular basis on the panels in the kitchen and bar. The system automates the entire order process, from submission, through preparation in the kitchen, up until the order is served to the customers by the waiter.

Improved economic efficiency

The Ristorio system is available in the form of SaaS (software available remotely as a service). This means that restaurant owners do not have to waste time worrying about their infrastructure, because the system runs on the supplier’s servers. As a result, the costs of implementing the system are small and thus a relatively low barrier to entry.

Convenience and Mobility

The Ristorio solution works the same way on all mobile devices, which makes it easy to use. The application saves time for both the client and the waiters, who can serve more tables as a result.


Features and Benefits

  • Full control of the order fulfillment process
  • Saves time
  • Convenient to use
  • Lower costs of customer service
  • No need for infrastructure management (works in the cloud)
  • Responsiveness (works on mobile devices)
  • Scalability of Solutions

Applied technologies