Ticket Server

For Danish company PayVend we have designed an application Ticket Server oriented to needs of companies who offer ferry connections. It is a comprehensive solution that on one hand enables automatic toll collection, while on the other hand it increases the efficiency of the management system for reservations and ferry connections.

The Challenge

How to limit the maintenance costs of the management system for reservations and ferry connections?


Solution to the problem

To reduce the cost of maintaining the infrastructure of our client, a Scandinavian company called PayVend which serves the shipping industry, we have transformed their existing reservations system, which had to that point operated locally, into an online system, available in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service).

Manage and earn

By moving the system to the network, our customer, PayVend, does not have to bear the cost of maintaining the entire infrastructure, and end-users of the system can make reservations on the Internet. According to guidelines of PayVend, the new version of the system has been equipped with a number of improvements to the nature of the business. On the administrative level, our customer can manage not only the ferries themselves, but also their schedules, ports and routes. Sales options are easy to configure – prices, currencies, exchange rates, but also discounts and special programs for selected clients. Thanks to sales report systems, it is possible to keep up-to-date with the turnover from business activities.


Reservations – no problem

Developed for PayVend system is also equipped with a reservations section, intended for ferry customers, thanks to which they can search for and manage their reservations online, and make payments over the Internet. The system also sends booking / ticket purchase confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the customer.

Facilities for staff

Part of the system is an application designed for employees of the ferry companies (for Pocket PC). Using this system, staff can issue and print ferry tickets, collect payments and define routes and ferries.


Applied technologies