We have designed and implemented a portal for the viaTOLL toll collection system for the Austrian firm Kapsch, which features a range of functionality to facilitate communication.

The Challenge

How to ensure an efficient information management process for the viaTOLL system’s multilingual information portal?


Solution to the problem

viaTOLL is a Polish system of toll collection on state toll roads, based on short-range wireless communication technology, which is used every day by thousands of drivers from various countries. To streamline the process of information management in the portal, we have created an administration panel equipped with a module for content approval which supports up to 9 languages. Our solution is integrated with email systems, so information can be instantly sent out to different groups of drivers and in different languages, in the form of messages and newsletters. In addition, it is also possible to send notification in the form of SMS from the system level.


The user-friendly interface and clear, effective navigation give the user better access to important information, and in fact just getting around the portal is a completely intuitive process.

Applied technologies

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