We have created a web-based system for invoicing and documentation workflow for Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship, which facilitates the control and ordering of trading partners’ data.

The Challenge

How to improve internal communication within the company?

Solution to the problem

Documents form the basis of internal communication. They constitute an important source of information and help realize operational objectives. To improve communication between employees, we decided to automate the documentation workflow process using the online Webflow system. The solution is based on cloud computing, meaning that users can access the application from any location with Internet access, not just at the office. With a view to improving the decision-making process, which can be particularly troublesome in companies with a greater number of staff, we equipped Webflow with the option to create multi-user accounts with different user privileges. You can easily define who has permission to input new financial documents, who has access to them, and who can make decisions about their acceptance. In Webflow, the confirmation of invoices is done with a single click, which greatly accelerates the decision-making process.

Manage sales

Webflow is also a tool for supporting the sales process. It is equipped with a module for customer relationship and product database management. Here it’s easy to configure the automatic dispatch of invoices to a particular trading partner, and the invoice status system will ensure that all payments are settled on time.

Advantages and benefits

  • No need for infrastructure management (works in the cloud)
  • Scalability of Solutions
  • Improved communication and decision-making
  • Increased organisational efficiency

Applied technologies