Regardless of whether we design a system for managing a car park or solutions facilitating communication between companies, the most important thing is to use them with pleasure.

Therefore, we pay special attention to Customer Experience Design (CXD) – in practice, the design of products that is user-oriented, focusing especially on the needs and requirements of users.

A key step is to study the needs, behaviors, motivations and experiences of users who will use our solutions. Knowing the way users behave, we can optimize the products we create so that they evoke specific feelings in our end-users and encourage them to take a specific course of action. That’s why we pay special attention to the issues of interface and interaction, ensuring the simplicity and elegance of our solutions.

Customer Experience Design fits perfectly within the Agile philosophy that we use in BT Skyrise – a real CXD process never ends because people’s needs are constantly changing, so products and services require continuous improvement.

  • We study the needs of users at every stage of the design process.
  • We optimize designs based on the conclusions of research into user experience.
  • We create functional, ergonomic, useful, user-oriented IT solutions.
  • We check the efficiency of our solutions.
  • We combine advanced technological knowledge with psychology, marketing and functional design.