Research and development is an area in which we search for innovative IT ideas, improve existing products and solve technological problems.

By combining expertise, human talent and cutting-edge technology, we can offer our customers the highest quality IT solutions for different market sectors. Finding effective ways of working and innovative ways of developing software allows us to gain a competitive advantage and to follow the latest technological trends.

In our R&D department, we use interdisciplinary knowledge from various areas and operate where science and technology come together. Concentrating technological know-how and projects in the independent R&D unit, we share the acquired knowledge throughout the organization, increasing the powers of innovation at BT Skyrise.

  • We develop new product solutions and services in the area of IT, which brings practical benefits.
  • We participate in all stages of product or service creation – from proper research, through planning, development and implementation, to final control.
  • We follow the latest trends, providing solutions designed for application on the market.
  • We design solutions tailored to the specific needs of a particular customer.